Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide a broad range of high quality medical services that promote a healthy community, and to serve as the primary resource for the community’s need for primary care and specialty services.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be the preferred healthcare provider and the driving force for a healthy community through collaboration and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. We desire to continually improve our range of services; increase our financial viability and efficiency; and utilize our staff and facilities to provide the best possible patient experience.

Values: How do we want to act along the way?

Sturgis Hospital expects the very highest standard in human behavior and values the dignity of all people. It seeks to promote these values:

The Sturgis Hospital recognizes the contribution of the Board of Trustees, Medical Staff, Employees and Auxiliary, with each and every person playing an important role in the Hospital's ability to provide quality health care.

Purpose: Why do we exist?

Sturgis Hospital exists to provide comprehensive, quality health care, appropriate to the needs of our community in a compassionate and empathetic manner. It acknowledges the importance of preventative medicine and focuses on the promotion of healthy lifestyle for all within the greater-Sturgis area.

Every department within the Hospital contributes an invaluable service toward the provision of quality health care from the organization as a whole. Each department exists for a specific purpose, yet no department exists solely on its own. We are all interdependent on each other.

At Sturgis Hospital, you will find qualified, caring health professionals. From the moment you enter, throughout your stay, and upon your discharge, you will be treated as our guest. As part of our Mission to provide "ever-improving quality health care" we believe in the philosophy of continuous quality improvement.