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Sturgis Home Health Care provides dedicated, compassionate professionals and services you can depend on, around the clock. Whether you have just been discharged from the hospital and require further medical assistance in your recovery or have special medical needs that do not require hospitalization, we can help you.

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Hospice of Sturgis provides support and care for people in the end stages of their terminal illness so that they may live as fully and comfortably as possible. These services are provided by a team of Physicians, Nurses, Therapists, Aides, Social Workers, Dietitians, Volunteers and Clergy in the patient's home, nursing homes, or adult foster care settings.

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At Sturgis Hospital, you will find qualified, caring health professionals. From the moment you enter, throughout your stay, and upon your discharge, you will be treated as our guest. As part of our Mission to provide "ever-improving quality health care" we believe in the philosophy of continuous quality improvement.