Hearing Screening For Your Newborn

The Birthing Center is interested in your infants hearing since hearing loss affects people of all ages, even infants. We do many routine health assessments on our newborns in order to assure a healthy start in life. Newborn hearing screening is a mandatory test preformed on all infants. The staff is well trained to efficiently administer the test which allows for early diagnosis and interventions. Recently we purchased a new state-of-the-art hearing screener.

The hearing screening test is noninvasive and completely harmless. It is often completed when the baby is sleeping. The test is performed in the newborn nursery where it is quiet. Feel free to ask questions or come into the nursery and see how it is done.

We are committed to identifying newborns with hearing loss while they are still very young. When an infant does not pass the hearing screen we will repeat the test. If the infant still fails to pass the hearing screen then further testing will be scheduled. Early diagnosis will improve your child's ability to achieve normal social, emotional and language development by obtaining early referrals and interventions.

We also perform other required newborn screening.

Congenital Heart Disease Screen - CCHD
We will put a sonsor on your baby that will tell us what the oxygen percentage is in your baby's blood. If the baby fails this they will have further cardiac testing.

Bilicheck - Jaundice
If your baby looks as though they have a suntan - yellowish - we will do a non-invasive check and if that is positive we will follow up with a lab draw.

Newborn Screening
This involves a few drops of blood from your baby's heel. Once this has been drawn the sample is sent to the newborn testing center for screening of 54 different diseases. Even if a baby looks healthy they may have a treatable medical condition. Identifying these conditions soon after birth can help prevent serious problems, such as organ or brain damage or even death. For more information to the CDC website www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/newbornscreening.

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