Services - Cardiac Rehab

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation service is a blending of many specialties designed to offer top quality care in one location. The goal of our rehabilitation experts is to assist patients in restoring their health so they may return to an active lifestyle after having a balloon or stent placement, or recent MI (heart attack) or coronary artery bypass surgery. Cardiac rehab provides a multi-phase cardiac workout program with telemetry/blood pressure monitoring and/or a progressive exercise program customized to meet the needs of each patient.

The Cardiac Rehab Center is DNV accredited.

Our Location: We are located on the second floor of Sturgis Hospital's Grobhiser Medical and Professional Building at 600 Lakeview Avenue, Sturgis, Michigan. See our SITE MAP for driving directions and campus map.

The Center offers you:

Call (269) 651-7824 to schedule an appointment for these test when ordered by your doctor.

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